TV Projects


The Wish List
(In Production)

“The Show That Grants Wishes”

The Wish List, is an inspiring reality TV docu-series. It follows the stories of underserved individuals, families, and communities that have been nominated by their peers. The goal of the show is to have our nominees’ wishes granted in order to make a difference in their lives.

The show will be hosted by former Miss New Jersey, model, journalist and TV Correspondent, Vanessa Elise Baker and her brother Ty Baker, a mentor, life skills, and leadership coach. This scintillating sister, brother duo and their whimsical team of “Wish Makers” will work hard to grant a deserving individual, family, or community a wish that will touch hearts and change lives.

Dance City TV – Dare to Dream!

Dance City is a teen dance show spotlighting today’s hottest music, videos, pop culture and trends, while providing a safe and positive environment for today’s youth. In addition, Dance City educates, motivates and mentors its dancers and audiences on life within the entertainment industry. From modeling to acting, music to dance, Dance City finds the entertainment stars of tomorrow.

Best Dish
(In Production)

“The Ultimate Cook-off”

“Best Dish is a cooking competition where amateur cooks battles for cash prizes, sponsored gifts, culinary prestige and a chance for their specially prepared meal to win the title of “Best Dish.”

The home cooks prepare their signature family meals and expose the secret recipes in a commercial kitchen setting and then present the completed dishes to our panel of celebrity chefs to be judged on taste and originality. Viewers will watch these home cooks personalities shine as they struggle to have a good old fashion “cook-off” while under the clock.

However, the cook with the “Best Dish” will soar to the winner circle in their pursuit of winning the competition.”

The Next American Baller

(In Production)


The Next American Baller (TNAB) is a Sport Reality Entertainment Show that connects to sports enthusiasts as it takes viewers behind the scenes of aspiring young ballers from across the country. They will experience the “bumps” and “bruises” and “ups and downs” associated with pursuing a professional basketball career.

The show will have highflying action, bad and good shots, passes, and dunks and some players will fall from grace while others rise to the top of their game displaying hunger, ambition, and the drive all for cash, fame, and other special prizes.

TNAB sports advisors will notices some similarity between their own experiences and the players, they will share details of the basketball profession in order to save the young players from making the mistakes both on and off the court. However, at the end of each episode someone will be eliminated until, one baller is left and crowned America’s Next Baller.